Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs from the Registrar's Office

Note regarding current course offerings: these courses are tentative and subject to change.


Important Add/Drop Information and your Finances

Adding/Dropping courses may affect your tuition bill and financial aid eligibility.  If you fall into any of these categories we strongly recommend discussing your plans with the Student Financial Services office. (Aquinas 104 | 845-569-3700 | SFS@MSMC.EDU)

  • Full-time students enrolled in 12-17 credits, dropping below 12 credits (part-time status).
  • Full-time students enrolled in 17 credits, adding credits.
  • Part-time students enrolled in 6 credits, dropping credits.
  • Nursing student enrolled in 5 credits, dropping credits.

Please check your Student Bill after adding/dropping courses (updates occur every 24 hours).